The $20 Fix

The Humane Society of Statesboro & Bulloch County offers low-cost spay & neuter to pet owners who cannot afford it. 
Our $20 Fix voucher program allows individuals to “fix” their pet for only $20, including a rabies vaccination if needed.
The Humane Society pays the balance of the surgery amount with money raised through fundraising events, grants, and donations.
The voucher can only be used at the SNAC (Spay/Neuter Alliance and Clinic) managed by Hilton Head Humane (843-645-2500). 
Anyone can use the low-cost clinic, but to receive a further discount due to legitimate financial need you can request a Humane Society voucher that allows you to pay only $20 per pet for spaying or neutering and a rabies shot, if needed. 

 To receive a "$20 Fix" voucher, please call 912-681-9393.  When leaving a message, please repeat your phone number twice.
If you email us, please include your phone number in your message. 
To make an appointment with SNAC, call 843-645-2500.
Again, anyone can use the clinic--with or without a voucher. 
The clinic's regular low prices can be found on our low-cost spay/neuter options page

To qualify for the $20 Fix voucher

Our goal is help those who cannot afford to spay and neuter their pets. Check the "Where to Spay & Neuter" page for low-cost options.  Because of our limited funding, vouchers are for:
        - anyone who adopts from the county shelter
        - low-income households
        - full-time college students with particular breeds that
          most often end up at the county shelter (pit terriers, labs, hounds). Students
          must not live with their parents nor have spouses who are
          employed full-time
        - other situations (i.e., feral cats) that may be eligible

1.  You must be a Bulloch County resident.
2.  You must own the dog or cat unless the cat is stray or feral.
3.  College students must show a current class schedule.
4.  Low-income households must show low-income
     or public assistance documentation.  
5. Exceptions will be made with regard to your situation. 

If you can afford SNAC's already low spay/neuter rates ($30-$75) ,
please do not ask for a voucher. If you bought your pet from a breeder, please do not ask for a voucher. It is understood that if you can afford to buy from a breeder than you can afford to pay your own veterinary expenses. Our goal is to prevent future unwanted litters and help the many pet owners in the county that truly need the assistance.  Humane Society volunteers work hard to fundraise and we do not receive any government assistance for this program.

For a voucher, contact the Humane Society:  
912-681-9393   or
(include your phone number in the email)   

After receiving a voucher, contact SNAC
for an appointment:  
843-645-2500   or  

If you live outside Bulloch County, contact us and our volunteers may be able to give you options for your area. We want to help end the pet overpopulation and suffering throughout Southeast Georgia. 

On your pet’s appointment day:

Humane Society volunteers will be at Anderson's for the SNAC pick ups. If you have been approved for a voucher and haven't already received it, they will have it with them. Ask them for it and give it to the SNAC driver that morning. The volunteers will also have the crates requested by pet owners.  If you need to borrow a crate, call us at 912-681-9393.    

1. Give the voucher to the driver when you drop off your pet.  

2. Your pet must be in a hard-sided, plastic crate for transport. 
    Feral or unfriendly household cats must be in a trap.

    The Humane Society has plastic crates and traps to lend you for free,
    contact us (912-681-9393) before your appointment to let us know.
    Our volunteers will bring your crate to Anderson's the morning of your appointment
    or an arrangement can be made for you to get the crate or trap ahead of time.  
    No wire cages are allowed for transport. 

3. Take your pet’s current rabies certificate, if it has one.
     Without a current certificate, the clinic vet must give your pet a rabies shot
     as required by law—and the cost is covered by your $20 payment. 
     A rabies tag is not sufficient proof of vaccination.

4. Be on time for the transport pick-up (7:30 a.m.) and
     the return transport the next day (9:30 a.m.). 

5. Payment is due when your pet returns.
    SNAC accepts cash, check, or credit card (with ID).
The $20 voucher covers spay or neuter services and a rabies shot, if needed.
    Any other services you request for your pet will be your responsibility.


SNAC provides FREE transport for Bulloch County. The SNAC van picks up and returns your pet to the parking lot at Anderson’s General Store, 23736 Hwy 80, Statesboro.
You may also choose to take your pet directly to the SNAC clinic. Either way, if you must cancel your appointment, be sure to call SNAC as soon as possible so the appointment may be used by someone else.