Vouchers are purchased before going to the clinic.
Vouchers can be used at your choice of one of three clinics.

Vouchers are for Bulloch County residents who qualify under voucher eligibility.
If you are not a resident, you can still use the low-cost clinics. You do not need a voucher to use these clinics. They are open to everyone regardless of residency or income. These clinics' regular spay/neuter costs are $25-$85. Call a clinic for an appointment. For more info, click: low-cost spay/neuter options.

Voucher Eligibility

1) Low-income households. You must show public assistance documentation (Medicaid, food stamps, Peachcare, etc.) or prove low-income status.

2) Full-time college students. Students must show current student I.D and full-time class schedule (viewable on phone is okay). Students must not live at home with their parents nor have a spouse that is employed full-time. The student and the pet must be residing in Bulloch County while the student attends school.

3) County shelter adopters.  As a thank you for saving a life, the HSSBC offers a $20 vouchers for pets adopted from the Bulloch County Animal Shelter. 

4) Feral cat control. Vouchers are available for those working to humanely control the community cat population in Bulloch County. 

5) Other situations may be eligible if funding allows. 

Vouchers can be purchased on Saturdays at: 

The Humane Society’s thrift shop, ReTails
105 N. College Street, Statesboro
Saturday: 11 am - 3 pm

You pay $20 for the voucher and the voucher covers the spay or neuter and a rabies shot, if needed. 

Vouchers can be used at these clinics:
1)  Hilton Head Humane Spay Neuter Clinic
(Okatie, SC; formerly SNAC)
2)  Pet Fix Savannah (Savannah)
3)  The Rescue Ranch (McRae, GA)

Clinic contact info is here: low-cost spay/neuter options page.

- You are responsible for making an appointment with a clinic.
- You are responsible for taking your pet to the clinic.
- You must bring your voucher to the clinic the day of your appointment.
- You must show I.D. at the clinic. Vouchers are not transferable to other people.  

Our goal is to prevent future unwanted litters and help the many pet owners in the county that truly need the assistance. If you can afford the low-cost clinics' already low spay/neuter rates ($25-$85) , please do not ask for a voucher. If you bought your pet from a breeder, please do not ask for a voucher. It is understood that if you can afford to buy from a breeder then you can afford to pay your own veterinary expenses. You do not need a voucher to use the clinics. Check out  "Where to Spay & Neuter" for these low-cost options. 

For questions, contact the Humane Society:  912-681-9393  or   (include your phone number in the email). 
If you live outside Bulloch County, contact us and our volunteers may be able to give you options for your area. We want to help end the pet overpopulation and suffering throughout Southeast Georgia.