We Need all types of Volunteers to save local pets!

Adopting and fostering are obvious ways to help, but it doesn't stop there. There are many ways you can use your interests and talents to save lives. Do you enjoy social media activity? Fundraising? Organizing and decorating? Interacting with children?  All these activities are important to our mission and improve the lives of animals. You can become as active and involved as you'd like--the animals need all the friends they can get! Listed below are just a few ways to become involved.

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Volunteering with Animals



The Humane Society holds Saturday adoption events two to three times monthly at the Statesboro Petco. Volunteers are needed to set up, walk pets, and take down these events. With some experience, you may even want to assist with adoption applications and pet placement.  


Because we do not have a building, the number of pets we save depends on the number of foster homes available.  Please consider temporarily opening your heart and home--with no cost to you--to give a pet a second chance. 

Cat care at Petco

Daily cleaning, feeding, and interaction are needed to keep our adoptable cats healthy and happy until they are placed in forever homes.  Morning or evening times and single or multiple days are available.    

Spay/Neuter Clinic Transports

Assist with the weekly spay clinic transports and help with clinic paperwork, loading pets, or crate cleaning. Experience the satisfaction of knowing you helped prevent future homeless pets. 


Another way we save local pets is by transporting them to other "no kill" shelters at other locations where they have a greater chance for adoption.  Don't mind driving? We need you for these short-distance transports.


Volunteering for Animals (in other helpful ways) 

ReTails, our Thrift Shop

ReTails always needs more helping hands. Do you like to organize or decorate? Enjoy interacting with people, running a cash register, or pricing items? All shop profit directly saves local pets. You can also do your part by shopping there and donating gently-used items. Visit ReTails and the shop's manager, Lynn, at 105 N. College Street, Statesboro.  


Volunteers are needed for our fundraisers like our annual Silent Auction and Raise the Woof. We are open to other ideas as well.

Community Events and Education

Spread the word about adoption, spay and neuter, and humane treatment at schools, fairs, concerts, and the farmers market. 

Social Media Activities

Have an interest in social media platforms or digital photography? We need you to get the word out about our adoptable pets and events.  


You can help out immediately by donating today. 



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