Lost or Found a Pet?

  • Report it to the Bulloch County Animal Shelter (912-764-4529) 81 Millcreek Road, Statesboro. 
    The county shelter is the first place most people will check for a lost pet. 

  • Call the Humane Society (912-681-9393). Leave a message with the pet description, vicinity lost or found, your name and phone number (state the number slowly and repeat it). We will contact you with any helpful info we hear. 

  • Check the pet for a microchip. The county shelter, local veterinarian offices, and the Humane Society's Retails Thrift Shop all have microchip scanners and will assist you at no cost.

  • Put up fliers in the area where the pet was lost or found, but use very general information in the description.
    Anyone claiming the pet should be able to give you something more specific that will confirm proper ownership. 
    A flier template can be found at: PetFBI

  • Call local veterinarian offices and the Statesboro Petco to check if anyone brought in the pet or reported it. 

  • Use social media. Check or make a listing--again, using very general information--on Facebook:
    "Lost and Found Pets of Bulloch County"
    "Statesboro Pets" and
    "Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch County."

  • Contact other local rescue groups in the area to see if they may be temporarily sheltering your pet.

  •  The Statesboro Herald (912-764-9031) offers a one-day free listing and a week-long listing for $7.50.
    (This includes the Pennysaver.)  

  • If you live near a county line, contact the neighboring counties' animal control offices (see Directory). 

  • If no owner is found after an adequate search, we may be able to help with rehoming or with spaying or neutering the pet.   

If you have other ideas or know of a technique that helped you find your pet or helped find a pet's owner, please share it with us.